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What's your personal theory?

I think that it's to pass the night, since you don't really have much to do.
Do you really think 16 gigs on iPhone is enough for ANYTHING?
You should have removed the option long ago!!!
I just wasted an hour of sleep deleting every single app for a darn 1 minute video for class.
What the hell!? Is it even possible for you to make crappier phones!!??
And I have to do all my class work on this piece of crap!
Really 1.6 gigs of messages???
And 35 gigs free on you darn iCloud?
Really 400 mgbs on pages? I can't even open that darn app and see what's on it!!
Why a health app that take 200? Or other random craps that you put on here to steal the limited space that you are already taking with you stupid ios?


Bonus Complaint: I have band first thing in the morning. And I get to do nothing.
My thoughts and emotions are a writhing mess of disgust.
I have no motivation, I procrastinate everything, I'm sleep deprived, confused, and guilty.
I blame band. We have hour and a half practices every day, in addition to two hours on Tuesday, in addition to the entire friday afterschool till 10pm taken by a football game.
I just don't know what to do anymore.
Anything feels difficult. I want to be set free.
They say it should be over by the end of October.
But then they tease us with "play off" games.
Marching band sucks, and I don't even march, I just stand on the sidelines unable to do anything.
I just don't know anymore, and I do feel lonely in band. Too many people after all.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know how to form everything into "correct" thoughts.
I just know that band screws me over.
This person would like to know.
Shoulder length hair or naw?
She prioritizes comfort.
She does a lot of reading, gaming, and violin.
All of her previous longer hair would always get into her eyes.
So she doesn't want it in her eyes one bit.
So she wears it in a pony tail all the time and wants some way for it to be down instead.
She would like to look adorable, and proffesional. Each when needed.

Will it fit her face shape?
(Not quite sure, oval?)
Will it fit her clothing choices?
(t-shirts, sweaters, long pants.)
Would you like to have shoulder length hair?

Please base it on whether logistically it would be a sound decision, and secondly whether it would fit her appearance.
Thank You.

EDIT: No bangs.
It's summer, once again.
I'm so interested in art, but unfortunately it has been in other mediums. (Music.)
I'll have time to study art over the summer.
You can hope for maybe a deviation or two.
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am a friendly person. I'm trying to get good at drawing and I have a natural knack for photography. I play Final Fantasy and enjoy many books like Harry Potter and some classics. I also really like looking at art.

Photography Goal: Capture a beautiful picture with a bird.
Drawing Goal: Draw a Final Fantasy character with only pencil and paper.

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