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Our school is very lazy and has decided to make us choose our classes very early and forbid any schedule changes.
The classes here are very difficult in that it is in block schedule. (90 minute classes.)
First of all, I need any and all class recommendations for anything. Also anything AP.
And if you can't help me there then at least help me pick one of these three.
Ap psychology, Ap computer science, Ap music theory.
Ap psychology- Will help out on the psat.
Ap Computer science- I'm interested in computers and programming.
Ap music theory- I'm a violinist, and I want to be prepared for anything.
I'm thinking I could learn programming at home and I'm already studying music theory, but that I probably don't have enough motivation to actually do that though.

Please help! It's a short time and I keep skipping from one to another!
Don't pull All-nighters, especially if you have a busy day. You'll feel terrible.
Don't have insomnia. If you can't fall asleep drink sleep meds.
I couldnt fall asleep all night.
I had to read books, work through homework, notes, and play instruments. All day today.
It feels terrible.
Find a way to sleep.
That's what I'll do right now.
Goodnight guys.
I've lost two people in 2015.
I have no appetite.
I have no motivation.
My sleep schedule is strange, but even with plenty of sleep I wake up tired.
Or I'm unable to fall asleep.
And all I can do is think of death.
Maybe I should've called out for help earlier.
But please help me now.
I'm just so scared.
I thought I could beat it, sometimes I was doing well.
But the thoughts just creep back.

Edit: I'm not suicidal.
Ever since November till now Janurary I have had no appetite.
I could probably go for a while without eating, but I make myself eat at least once a day.
In November I took a mediciene that had that side effect but I only took it for the month of November and no more. So that doesn't explain why it continued.
Before November I'd be very hungry after school.
My BMI is I think exactly 20. Or less so borderline average and underweight. So before November 121 pounds. But after I lost some so 117 pounds or even less.
I'm 5 foot 5. And female.
In my childhood I have had a tendency of being underweight and unable to eat.
I mostly attributed that to very crooked teeth but right now I still have swallowing troubles and cough when I eat.
After braces I could eat anything and it was a lot easier. A year or so back.
So right now I have no appetite, I'd rather go without eating.
And even if the food is yummy my appetite isn't working and even when it's things that I don't like the most.
A few spare times I have actually felt hunger, but I wouldn't eat because the food wasn't my favourite.

Basically what to do? And what is it?
It's a bit sad when you don't wanna eat anything.
Even if the food is super yummy.
I just feel like starving.
A month ago I had a medicene which completely removed my appetite.
But that was a month ago, and I still can't really feel hunger.
Daaaaaarn iiiiiiit.
It's summer, once again.
I'm so interested in art, but unfortunately it has been in other mediums. (Music.)
I'll have time to study art over the summer.
You can hope for maybe a deviation or two.


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am a friendly person. I'm trying to get good at drawing and I have a natural knack for photography. I play Final Fantasy and enjoy many books like Harry Potter and some classics. I also really like looking at art.

Photography Goal: Capture a beautiful picture with a bird.
Drawing Goal: Draw a Final Fantasy character with only pencil and paper.

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